Glutathione Course – Online


Glutathione Course – Online

This is an add-on course for existing technicians that have previously trained for IM Injection Technique with VitB12Shot & Academy.

Taking this course will enable you to administer Glutathione injections under our prescribers, as well as access insurance and product.

Price includes Add-on Insurance

Glutathione is a fantastic product offering a multitude of benefits for your clients and should be part of your service offerings.

Considered to be safe and low risk, Glutathione is a natural produced Antioxidant that we do not produce enough of.

It support Weight Loss, Anti-Aging and Body Detoxification by repairing damaged cells and making toxins (such a drugs and pollutants) water-soluble to be flushed away as urine.

There are numerous reasons that people have already heard of glutathione, particularly when suffering from, or trying to find solutions for, certain conditions. The main reasons that people will look for injections include:

• Body Detoxification
• Improving Skin Conditions
• Supporting Weight Loss and Metabolism
• As an Antioxidant – Reversing oxidative damage
• Muscle Recovery
• Improving Liver Function
• Supporting Immune Functions
• Shifting Metabolism from Fat Production to Muscle Development
• Increasing Collagen levels
• Helping with Brain Fog
• Fighting Inflammation
• Improving Sleep
• Increasing Energy Levels
• Increasing Fertility in Men
• General Health Benefits